The focal point of any Tibetan home is the altar room.

Traditionally, the altars are the heart of the home; a place for daily prayers and offerings. A place for refuge and peace. It is a place where families and friends come to offer respect and receive blessings.

Our focus is using premium selective wood and authentic carvings from Himalayan craftsmen. By combining modern cabinetry and accessories (doors, hinges, slow-stop drawers, premium grade cabinet plywood, low VOC stains and finishes) we create altars that are well crafted, support local tradesmen and offer a piece for your home that is both modern and traditional. The portable, component design allows for your vision to be part of the creation; by creating your altar as simple or as ornate as you prefer.

Your altar can accommodate a single statue or multiple statues.

We truly want you to have the perfect space for connection and serenity that fits seamlessly into your space. Altars are designed to be easily self-assembled or we can assist you with on-site assembly.

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